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[Video] 3D sound from ordinary laptop speakers

This is very impressive. I watched this on my laptop and in the teleconferencing scene I was able to identify each of the speakers as easily as the test subject. Just think of the possibilities for virtual worlds or gaming. Most first-person shooter (FPS) gamers play with headphones because they need to know if someone is sneaking up on them from behind. There’s actually a whole range of surround-sound headphones aimed specifically at FPS gamers. This technology could revolutionise the entire industry.

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Post Under Audio, Gaming, virtual worlds April 23, 2011

Behaviour Guidelines for Employees Working in Virtual Worlds


Gartner recently advised that by 2013 seventy percent of businesses will have guidelines for their staff’s activities within virtual worlds. I’ve just completed a set of behaviour and dress guidelines for a company that has plans to work in Second Life. I’ve adapted them and thought I’d share:

Many of the guidelines that a company currently employs for social networking also apply in virtual worlds. If you need some help in establishing those then here are 40 examples that you can draw upon for inspiration. There are a few issues that are virtual world specific that require special attention, however.
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Post Under Advice, Business, virtual worlds October 13, 2009

A Video Tour through Lenovo’s eLounge

After having done a video tour showing off the Mellanium Apartment, I wanted to do something similar with the Lenovo eLounge. I’d previously reviewed the eLounge but at the time I didn’t realise I could capture the video content from it. Normally the quality is unacceptable when capturing from a browser, but the web.alive technology works a treat.

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds March 17, 2009

Checking Out… Mellanium’s Apartment

Recently I reviewed Nortel’s web.alive beta, Lenovo’s elounge. web.alive, which is a 3d browser based virtual environment using the Unreal 2.5 engine. As a result of my review I was contacted by the guys at Mellanium who are also using the Unreal 2.5 engine. They’ve developed a way to import Autocad models straight into the Unreal environment. So effectively you can use the same computer models inworld as you use on the production line, whether it be for architecture or industry. By the way, this also reduces one of the barriers against delivering real world goods from a virtual world.

Mellanium have also been working with the web.alive guys and the video above shows me wandering around their proof of concept – an apartment block. It was filmed entirely within the web.alive enviroment – yes, that means it was shot using my browser and FRAPs. FRAPs isn’t supposed to be able to do that but it can with web.alive.

I found it a little laggy and I tended to spurt forward every now and again, but in general it was a pleasant experience. The Apartment model is fantastic with great textures. It really heralds a potential new yardstick for modelling in virtual worlds. Especially given that it only took 15minutes to import it in world. Truly amazing stuff.

Enjoy the video. Apologies for the ‘almost subliminal’ title. Both blip and youtube gobbled it during conversion.

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Post Under CheckingOut, Video, virtual worlds February 26, 2009

CheckingOut… Lenovo’s eLounge


Over the last few years business has shown a great interest in using virtual worlds for enterprise. Everything from seminars and conferences to virtual trade shows and retail. However, after an initial flurry of activity many soon abandon them. For some the required learning curve is too high to be an effective tool. For others the return on investment is not high enough. Whatever the reasons, no virtual environment seems to have really delivered what enterprise needs for its mass adoption. That may be about to change.

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