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Blue Mars Preview

A quick look at the new 3d immersive virtual world Blue Mars.

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Post Under Gaming, skribe productions, Video, virtual worlds August 10, 2009

Would You Apply for a Mortgage in Second Life?

This really is a great video demonstrating an impressive use of Second Life (or any other virtual world for that matter) for enhanced customer service. It does leave me wondering, however, whether anyone would choose to apply for mortgage and investment services in Second Life and just how secure the system is.

I also have to wonder about the choice of phrase ‘enhanced her satisfaction levels further by delivering other personalised services‘. In Second Life that really does take on a whole new meaning. That’s something that businesses need to be aware of when delivering their spiel.

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Post Under Marketing, Video, virtual worlds January 8, 2009

Microsoft to use Playstation Home

In a strange twist it seems that Microsoft is amongst a range of companies that plan to test Playstation Home for virtual business meetings. Other companies involved in the test include Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch. I wonder how this test will affect Microsoft’s own virtual world project.

Further details.

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Post Under Business, virtual worlds January 1, 2009

Twinity Review Delayed


I was planning to bring you a video review of Twinity but unfortunately a series of technical issues have resulted in us being able to do so. Hopefully the issues will sorted soon and we’ll be able to show you this cool new virtual world and social media platform.

UPDATE: The review is available here.

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Post Under CheckingOut, virtual worlds December 3, 2008
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