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[Video] Is Beautiful Storytelling Enough?

This commercial is a beautiful use of narrative to draw the viewers in. The stories are personal and unusual. The build-up is spine-tingling. They’re compelling. You need to know what happens, which is indicative of quality storytelling. It’s almost textbook. However, I have to ask, does it work as an ad?

What do you think?

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Post Under Marketing, Video July 17, 2013

[Video] The New Singapore Airlines Commercial

Here is the new SIA tv commercial. It’s beautifully shot but it’s banal and boring. I have to ask: what is it trying say?

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Post Under Marketing, Video January 28, 2011

Commercial Opportunity

If you’ve ever wanted to work in the advertising industry or even just play around with video, then the new ABC web site for the tv show, The Gruen Transfer, gives you a great opportunity. You can create your own commercials for three Gruen product using either the online tools or by downloading the rushes. You can even upload your edit of the Gruen commercials to the website. Check it out here.

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Post Under Marketing, Video May 29, 2008
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