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[Video] Le Voyage dans la Lune: A Musical Opportunity

Air, a French electronica band, have created a soundtrack for the newly restored 1902 French film, Le Voyage dans la Lune (Trip to the Moon). This in itself is great, but it is also an awesome demonstration of how musical artists can gain some additional cred.

By scoring a movie in the public domain or a piece of captured game machinima you can show your skills and versatility. This is true not just for those that wish to choose score composing as a career, but for any artist.

By uploading the scored film to the various video sites you can tap into the benefits of social media to market yourself as a popular commodity. Having a great demo tape is fine, but having a great demo tape, 10,000 Facebook fans and a video with a hundred thousand views is even better.

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Post Under Audio, Social Media, Video January 20, 2012

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Findability (Pt 1)


Sometimes it seems like the owners of social programs believe that their consumers have all the detective skills and deductive reasoning of Sherlock Holmes. It appears that they purposely go out of their way to hide them.

Findability is the most important factor to the success of any digital media, whether it be a corporate web site; a Facebook page or an online video series. With an ultra-bagillion web pages, a gazillion social media sites and bujeezillion minutes of online video uploaded each day, making it easy for your consumers to find your program is an absolute must. Even if you have superb, dynamic content that is not only relevant but timely, it’s still easy to get lost in the maelstrom of data available online. Here is the first of a series of tips to help both you and your consumers find one another:

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Social Media April 26, 2011

8 Tips For Creating Effective Online Video

8 Tips For Creating Effective Online Video

As I explained in the previous article, The Web Is Not Television, online video advertising requires a different strategy than that employed for television advertising. The competitiveness of the industry and demands of the audience means that you must find alternate ways to capture and keep your viewers attention and then generate a response from them.

Here are eight tips for getting viewers to want to watch your online video content:
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video April 15, 2010

Freebie Shopping In Second Life: A How-To Guide

Anyone who’s ever ‘bought’ a box of freebies knows to expect six types of crud. And yet, it is actually possible to get serious freebie gear if you know how.

  1. Don’t waste time in freebie warehouses. Do invest some time in checking out the big shops and the quality malls.
  2. Some shops have freebie offers specifically for newbies. If your avatar is fresh enough (30 days or younger, for example), you could pick up some great starter hair and clothes (and even skins!)
  3. Many clothing and hair shops have discounted and even free wares on offer. Last season’s hair or prim skirt may not feature the latest scripted gimmick or texture trickery, but remember that in the virtual world, last season was only a week ago.
  4. Some shops have group offers. Members may be offered anything from discounts to limited editions to free items to store credit.
  5. Some shops also do freebies or special offers which are only available in their main store, or in
    a specialty sim. Be sure to check them all out.
  6. Be a girl. Sorry, chaps. Where girls can wear guy clothes and hair, it rarely works the other way. Some items, like male skins, are also particularly rare as a good freebies.
  7. And the best freebie tip of all: learn to make your gear and own your look.

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Post Under virtual worlds May 6, 2008

Tips For Making Good Viral Videos

Viral videos are an excellent way to generate some buzz about your brand. And it’s also a good way to save money in the process because your distribution costs are kept low. You’re not paying for print-runs, airtime, or pays-per-view/click, because most of the distribution is handled by the consumers themselves . So your content has got to be good. Here’s some tips for achieving that:

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