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[Infographic] Are Your Workers Slacking Off?

How productive are your workforce?

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Do you feel your employees spend too much time on Facebook? Are long lunch breaks the norm at your workplace? Desktime have created an interesting infographic showing work habits based on a study of over one million work hours.

Of particular interest is that average workers spend 12% of their work day in social networking sites, like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This is called unproductive by the graphic but is it really? Is getting intimate with the tools of social media really unproductive, or is it an untapped resource? By adopting an organisation-wide social media strategy has some genuine benefits.

Even if you don’t wish to empower your entire workforce, you can identify and selectively upskill members. The mechanics of administrating a Facebook Page or twitter account for a hobby and for a workplace are very similar. Someone who is managing a hobby or personal page can more readily be used as a backup for your workplace page.

Also by offering your staff an opportunity to use the social media tools at their workplace you also gain additional monitoring and networking resources. For instance participating in Linkedin can allow your workforce to network with others in your industry, locally and globally, as well as suppliers and also help identify prospects. Similarly, news and trends often break in near real time on Twitter. Such intelligence can be invaluable to gain and maintain competitive advantage.

While using social media at work can be seen as unproductive it can also offer new opportunities for both your staff and your organisation. However, it needs guidance and your workers need to be trained, trusted and empowered if you are to fully receive the benefits.

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Post Under Business, Social Media February 21, 2012

How to Hire a Social Media Manager

How to Hire a Social Media Manager

After determining that you need someone to handle your online presence (and you do), the next biggest issue you’re likely to face is how to find a social media manager that is right for your organisation. While it may be tempting to call the least busy Gen-Y member of your staff into your office to inform them that social media community management is now their responsibility it’s important that you establish a clear digital and social media strategy.

Social media marketing is more than just being a digital rockstar. It takes careful crafting by a trained professional. After all, you’d never let your intern handle your traditional marketing strategy, right? (*shiver*).

Here are few quick pointers on what to look for in order to find the best person to assist you establish and maintain a strong and consistent online presence.
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Post Under Advice, Business, Social Media January 31, 2012
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