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[Video] Inception: The Making of the Zero-G Sequence

I found this absolutely fascinating.

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Post Under Video April 5, 2011

So you wanna make an action movie in Second Life?

But you don’t have any actors? Then do it all yourself. All you need is a couple of good quality skins, some weapons (free ones are available) and a green screen. Oh, and about 50 hours of free time. Here’s what you can end up with:


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Post Under skribe productions, Video, virtual worlds June 3, 2007

It’s Easier Being Green


One of the things I love about film-making in Second Life is the ability to do easy green/blue screen work. The chore of lighting a scene perfectly is essentially removed thanks to Second Life’s ‘full bright’ setting for materials. By setting that, I know the green screen is evenly lit, no matter how I set up the lights. The lights simply have no effect upon the green screen whatsoever.

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Post Under Advice, Video, virtual worlds May 14, 2007
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