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[Video] Is Beautiful Storytelling Enough?

This commercial is a beautiful use of narrative to draw the viewers in. The stories are personal and unusual. The build-up is spine-tingling. They’re compelling. You need to know what happens, which is indicative of quality storytelling. It’s almost textbook. However, I have to ask, does it work as an ad?

What do you think?

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Post Under Marketing, Video July 17, 2013

PlayStation Home: A Quick Tour

A quick machinima tour of Sony’s new virtual world: Playstation Home. The setup looks very good and the graphics look awesome. Load times on the otherhand seem a little slow. Whether Home becomes a success or not will depend on Sony’s ability to deliver unique content and create an enjoyable experience for its users. Certainly, for Playstation 3 owners, it’s worth a look, especially as the download is free.

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Post Under Gaming, Video, virtual worlds December 21, 2008
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