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Live Blogging: BarcampSG5


Barcamp is always an awesome experience simply because there is such a range of experience on hand – both in the form of presenters and participants. There is also a wide variety of topics covered from the extremely technical, like how to develop for a software language, to lifestyle skills, like how to draw. Barcamps happen fairly often in Singapore – the last one was in November – but that doesn’t prevent a huge turnout. Here is a liveblog of what is happening right now at Barcamp Singapore 5

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Post Under Social Media March 27, 2010

The Harold Lloyd Method of Mass Transit Advertising

I am currently in Singapore, which has one of the most modern mass transit systems (trains to us old folks) in the world. Passengers are even treated to a video entertainment system while onboard. What a great way to advertise to a captive audience! But just how do you advertise using video on a train?

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video November 16, 2009
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