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[Video] How to win a war with only a NERF Gun

Here’s a bit of fun and a not too bad example of some post-production sfx too. Enjoy.

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Post Under Gaming, Video June 8, 2011

[Video] Inception: The Making of the Zero-G Sequence

I found this absolutely fascinating.

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Post Under Video April 5, 2011

World Builder

Microsoft’s Future Vision has nothing on this. Great stuff.

[Hat Tip: The Inquisitor]

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds March 5, 2009

High Res Video from Low Res Video plus High Res Stills

Here’s a video from a project based at the University of Washington that demonstrates both spatial and temporal enhancement of videos through combining low-resolution video with high-resolution still photography. Not only can this technique produce high-resolution video it also allows slow-motion without overcranking. Awesome stuff.

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Post Under Video January 25, 2009
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