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[Video] The Future is Creepy

If you’re a virile, young male (or an old fart, like me) you’re probably quite keen to see this vision of augmented reality implemented as soon as possible. The prospect of having all that data immediately available is intoxicating. I suspect, it will be very much like having a smart phone now, always connected socially with information at your fingertips. However, I have to say that a future where you can look at someone and immediately bring up their social network profile is kind of creepy. Is that where we’re headed with this technology?

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Post Under Tech, Video July 4, 2013

15% of Americans Answer the Phone During Sex

Here’s a great little infographic, made by Wilson Electronics (via mashable), showing off how we use our mobile phones. Not only do a substantial number of Americans answer the phone during sex, but 6% feel it’s okay to text during sex. We’re always keeping it high-brow here at skribe.

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Post Under Misc, Social Media December 5, 2010
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