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[Infographic] How to Setup Google Authorship


Here’s a really good infographic detailing how easy it is to set up Google Authorship. Authorship is now a vital part of Search Engine Optimisation, not just in regard to Google’s ranking algorithm, but also as a visual reference by human searchers. For instance:

Compared to other entries in search this helps it stand out. However, that’s not all.

Google is moving to a new ranking system very soon. This will place the content of verified authors before unverified ones. It will also move away from keyword-based SEO towards a social scoring system like Klout.

Google Authorship is going to be a big part of Search Engine Optimisation. And it only takes a few moments to complete. So get on it!

Click to see the full infographic

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Post Under Social Media November 22, 2013

Tips to Improve Your Social Media Findability (Pt 2)


How many times have you literally heard of a web-site or social program that you thought, That’s Interesting! I’ll check that out later, but when you went to search for it you couldn’t find it? Sometimes it might be because you have mispelt the name or misheard the information, but most of the time it’s because the implementers of the program think you’re secretly Sherlock Holmes and will just naturally be able to track down the correct information.

In my previous article I talked about using links to reduce the barriers to entry and to guide consumers to other platforms. All of which is very basic and should be obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times even these simple steps are overlooked. In this article I’ll be talking about something a little more advanced: how using the right URL for your program can make a world of difference in your findability.

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Post Under Business, Marketing, Social Media May 12, 2011

Web Promotion Seminar


For people in Perth, a good friend of mine, Bret from Free Beer, is running a series of web promotion seminars aimed at businesses that want to increase their web traffic. Bret’s stuff is always top notch and at only $75 is an absolute bargain. I highly recommend that you check it out.

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Post Under Business, Marketing February 13, 2009
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