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[Video] Size Does Matter

Here’s a really clever commercial by Samsung demonstrating a wonderful aspect of human psychology: that preconceptions about a product heavily influence our concepts of quality.

What is particularly interesting is that they change over time. Years ago, using a handycam to do a professional video was considered a sign of an amateur – even if the quality was comparable to a ‘pro-camera’. Now that’s what most of the pros use themselves, or they use tablets and phone cameras. It would be interesting to see this demonstration done in ten years time and see how people’s attitudes have changed.

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Post Under Marketing, Video July 2, 2013

[Video] Samsung’s Smart Window

Demonstrated at CES, here’s some awesome technology from Samsung. We’re already living in the future.

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Post Under Tech, Video January 14, 2012

With The New Google Phone You Can Fly

If the video of Goggle’s new Nexus S is anything to go by it will allow you to fly and possibly change genders. More great innovation from Google.

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Post Under Marketing, Video December 7, 2010

8 Tips For Creating Effective Online Video

8 Tips For Creating Effective Online Video

As I explained in the previous article, The Web Is Not Television, online video advertising requires a different strategy than that employed for television advertising. The competitiveness of the industry and demands of the audience means that you must find alternate ways to capture and keep your viewers attention and then generate a response from them.

Here are eight tips for getting viewers to want to watch your online video content:
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video April 15, 2010

Extreme Sheep LED Art

This is a great viral video. Nearly 3million hits in 10 days on YouTube. What a way to make sheep herding popular.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video March 25, 2009
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