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Blue Mars: An Opportunity to Grow Your Second Life Business


Since the open beta period for Blue Mars began I’ve noticed that some Second Life content creators have been dismissing it out-of-hand. Mostly they claimed that the tools for creating content in Blue Mars were too hard to learn. Many also said that they were not interested in providing content for Blue Mars, and some even inferred that without them to provide the content Blue Mars would wither and die. As I stated in my earlier article, Blue Mars – Being Different, Blue Mars will ultimately be able to draw on a wealth of content, possibly more than Second Life currently does. So if I were generating real world income by providing content in Second Life I would seriously consider taking the time to evaluate Blue Mars as a prospective new market. It makes good business sense, and I can tell you that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands out there, who are eagerly waiting for you to let this opportunity pass you by.

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Post Under Advice, Business, virtual worlds September 13, 2009

Blue Mars – Being Different


As some of you may know I’ve been spending a great deal of time in Blue Mars. I’ve been mainly providing video tutorials but I’ve also been keeping a close eye on forums and blogs that reference the new virtual world by Avatar Reality. One thing that keeps cropping up is the idea that Blue Mars will fail – or at least struggle – because it doesn’t cater to the Second Life demographic. This is a short-sighted view and fails to take into consideration what attracts people to virtual worlds. In fact, the way in which Blue Mars differentiates itself from Second Life may have a greater bearing on its success than any similarities.

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Post Under Advice, virtual worlds September 7, 2009

Just Say No


This is one part of the marketing display for the Warner Bros. film, Yes Man. After seeing it I immediately had a few questions for Warners:

  • Is it really so hard to print up new posters and displays when marketing to foreign audiences?
  • Is it really necessary to ignore local customs and just assume that the locals will understand what you mean, just because you’re a multi-national, multimedia corporation?
  • Is it worth the risk that the locals might not understand your notation?

Click on the image to see what I mean. What do you think?

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Post Under Marketing January 10, 2009

Seven is about seven years too late

The Seven Media Group, who control the Seven television network in Australia, recently announced a partnership with TIVO to introduce digital video recorders into the Australian market. Those in the US and Canada will know about TIVO, the company having been offering digital television recording since the late 90s.
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Post Under Advice June 25, 2008

Auntie’s Method for Undermining Your Corporate Brand.

Establishing your corporate brand in a virtual world can have enormous benefits. It also has a number of risks associated with it. Failing to attract worthwhile coverage from consumers and/or media is one. Another is attracting large numbers to your brand and failing to capitalise on it. Or worse, actually alienating your consumers through lack of leadership and planning.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, virtual worlds May 8, 2008
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