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[Infographic] The State of Twitter 2013

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Some very interesting information in this infographic, but it’s disappointing that it doesn’t include a more comprehensive list of sources. What there is however, does leave me with a couple of questions: what sort of return would you need if you spent $200k on a 24 hours of twitter promotion? Do you follow _necro__? =)

Click to see the full infographic.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media September 10, 2013

How to Promote Your Product 103

Here’s a great way to promote your product. Speed test it against the forces of nature…oh, and a potato.

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Post Under Marketing, Video May 6, 2010

Cut Your Own Scene

Cut Your Own Scene

A friend of mine, Rai Fazio, spent 10 years writing his first feature film and now it’s just been released by Disney. It’s called Two Fists One Heart. The film is a gritty drama about the rise of a young boxer. Rai is a former Australian Amateur Boxing Champion so he knows his subject. He also co-stars in the film. As part of the promotion, they’re running a competition where you can download the some of rushes and cut your own scene. The prize is quite unique as well. So, give it a go. I’ll be embedding my attempts in future posts.

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Post Under Marketing, Video March 21, 2009

PS Home Money Giveaway


Starting tomorrow (15th January, 2009) Sony Asia are offering PlayStation Home users in Hong Kong and Singapore the chance to win a $HK10 PSN wallet top up. All users have to do is track down the mysterious avatars, shown in the posters inworld, and say ‘Hello’ to him or her.

The competition runs until the 22nd January, 2009 and funds are expected to be transferred to PSN accounts by 6th February.

For more information check out the latest news or see the relevant instructions inworld

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Post Under virtual worlds January 14, 2009
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