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Why You Should Never Outsource Social Media

Why You Should Never Outsource Social Media

Many businesses like to outsource their social media activities rather than handle them in-house. There are many reasons for this: they’re not comfortable with the new marketing method; they don’t have time/money to train up or hire someone; or, they feel that their PR agency knows more about it than they do. However in most cases businesses are better placed than PR agencies to run their social media activities. Here are three reasons why:

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Social Media December 13, 2011

Measuring Outcomes Not Outputs


Just imagine that you’re running a business and that instead of tracking sales & revenue you only measured how many units you shipped to your vendors. Samsung was recently ridiculed for announcing that they had shipped one million Galaxy Tabs but sold only twenty thousand. The shipped figure is meaningless unless it results in equivalent sales. However public relations companies do this every day for their clients by measuring only outputs not the outcomes.

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Social Media October 10, 2011

When Social Media Gets Ugly


Oscar Wilde once observed, The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.

And he was right. Good publicity is great, but bad publicity is a PR opportunity. When things go pear-shaped in social media, they splat so hard and so fast it doesn’t seem possible to wash the stink off. With the right approach and strategies in place, however, you can turn a PR crisis around.

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Post Under Advice, Business, Social Media April 16, 2010

Using Social Media for Damage Control

Putting out the fire

The Business section of the Sydney Morning Herald has an article on Twitter. It’s somewhat superficial, but at least it covers the emerging importance of social media to business. One thing it does mention is the trend of using social media not just for marketing but for damage control. I think we’ll see more and more of this over the coming months and years, as businesses attempt to better manage their public relations through social media.

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Post Under Business, Social Media December 4, 2008
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