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PS Home Money Giveaway


Starting tomorrow (15th January, 2009) Sony Asia are offering PlayStation Home users in Hong Kong and Singapore the chance to win a $HK10 PSN wallet top up. All users have to do is track down the mysterious avatars, shown in the posters inworld, and say ‘Hello’ to him or her.

The competition runs until the 22nd January, 2009 and funds are expected to be transferred to PSN accounts by 6th February.

For more information check out the latest news or see the relevant instructions inworld

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Post Under virtual worlds January 14, 2009

Playstation Home – Red Bull Air Race

Being based in Perth it was the obvious thing to do to try to replicate the Red Bull Air Race in Second Life. Unfortunately technical issues nixed the project almost immediately. So, it’s great to see that Red Bull have opened an island in Playstation Home and are offering visitors a chance to air race. Awesome stuff. I wonder if we’ll see an F1 island soon too. What do you think?

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds January 11, 2009

Microsoft to use Playstation Home

In a strange twist it seems that Microsoft is amongst a range of companies that plan to test Playstation Home for virtual business meetings. Other companies involved in the test include Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch. I wonder how this test will affect Microsoft’s own virtual world project.

Further details.

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Post Under Business, virtual worlds January 1, 2009

PlayStation Home: A Quick Tour

A quick machinima tour of Sony’s new virtual world: Playstation Home. The setup looks very good and the graphics look awesome. Load times on the otherhand seem a little slow. Whether Home becomes a success or not will depend on Sony’s ability to deliver unique content and create an enjoyable experience for its users. Certainly, for Playstation 3 owners, it’s worth a look, especially as the download is free.

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Post Under Gaming, Video, virtual worlds December 21, 2008
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