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[Video] Why SOPA is a bad idea

An awesome TED video that provides a very succinct explanation of why SOPA and PIPA are so horridly bad. These pieces of legislation will be back. They’re only in hiatus until the powers behind them believe the issue has become a unimportant for the public. Eternal vigilance.

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Post Under Video January 25, 2012

[Video] The Fight Against SOPA & PIPA

If you’re wondering why you were redirected during your visit to this site today, then the video above covers some of the important facts about the SOPA and PIPA legislation. These bills are clear and present dangers to not just to social media and the internet, but to all enterprise. There are very few businesses that do not have some sort of net presence, whether that be a web page, a social network account or an email address. These have become intricate business tools, but they are now under threat. A simple mistake, a malicious competitor or organised crime could all hijack these tools from your business’ control with a simple accusation and with little or no recourse. It has already happened.

Educate yourself about this threat and please fight against it.

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Post Under Business, Social Media, Video January 18, 2012

The Rise of Social Activism: Why You Need to be Listening to Your Customers

The Rise of Social Activism:  Why You Need to be Listening to Your Customers

In late December 2011 it was discovered that one of the key supporters of the US SOPA legislation was the world’s largest domain registrar, GoDaddy. This was curious given that nearly every other major tech company considered SOPA and PIPA to be a clear and present threat to not only their business activities but also to the internet itself. Many people were outraged by this support and a boycott of GoDaddy was organised, beginning on the social aggregator Reddit but soon spreading through Facebook, Twiiter and other social networks. The result wasn’t just social activism, it sent major shockwaves throughout the corporate world and underlined just why every business needs to be listening to its customers.

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Post Under Business, Social Media, Tech December 27, 2011

[Video] How to Kill Social Media

The title may sound sensationalist but it really isn’t. It’s a genuine threat, not just now but into our innovative future. Your business is at risk. Even suspected use of copyrighted material without a legitimate licence can close down your entire online presence. You have all the licences for the clipart your designer used in your website, right? Not sure? The watch the video. Get involved. Stop this threat before it is too late.

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Post Under Business, Social Media, Tech December 18, 2011
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