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[Video] Le Voyage dans la Lune: A Musical Opportunity

Air, a French electronica band, have created a soundtrack for the newly restored 1902 French film, Le Voyage dans la Lune (Trip to the Moon). This in itself is great, but it is also an awesome demonstration of how musical artists can gain some additional cred.

By scoring a movie in the public domain or a piece of captured game machinima you can show your skills and versatility. This is true not just for those that wish to choose score composing as a career, but for any artist.

By uploading the scored film to the various video sites you can tap into the benefits of social media to market yourself as a popular commodity. Having a great demo tape is fine, but having a great demo tape, 10,000 Facebook fans and a video with a hundred thousand views is even better.

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Post Under Audio, Social Media, Video January 20, 2012

[Video] 3D sound from ordinary laptop speakers

This is very impressive. I watched this on my laptop and in the teleconferencing scene I was able to identify each of the speakers as easily as the test subject. Just think of the possibilities for virtual worlds or gaming. Most first-person shooter (FPS) gamers play with headphones because they need to know if someone is sneaking up on them from behind. There’s actually a whole range of surround-sound headphones aimed specifically at FPS gamers. This technology could revolutionise the entire industry.

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Post Under Audio, Gaming, virtual worlds April 23, 2011

Free Movie Music

Moby is offering some of his music to student and independent film-makers for free just as long as it’s not-for-profit. Even for commercial work you can apply for – what he calls – an easy licence with any money generated going to the humane society. While I haven’t tried to obtain a licence yet the music is absolutely awesome – as you can usually expect from Moby. Check it out at Moby Gratis.

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Post Under Audio November 11, 2007
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