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[Video] Logo Revealed

Here, as promised, are a couple of videos that we did as tests to demonstrate various motion graphic techniques.

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Post Under art, skribe productions, Video August 4, 2011

Motiongraphy: Stars and Stripes

This is a still from some motion graphic work I’ve been doing. One of the great things about doing motion artistry is the ability to create something beautiful and then take viewers on a journey through it quickly and easily. Unlike virtual worlds, for instance, there’s no need for additional software for them to engage in the artwork. I like this piece and hopefully it will be available soon to share in all its splendour.

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Post Under art, skribe productions, Video August 3, 2011

How to make a wedding video on a budget

As someone that has done way too many real life wedding videos it’s nice to see something a little different. In an attempt to document that very special day most wedding videos are long tedious affairs (2-3 hours is common) and are totally devoid of any artistic merit. As a result they are usually only watched once.

While this video was made in Second Life® it displays just how creative you can get with an expression of love. And by using stills intercut with interesting motion graphic titles it’s cheap too.

So, if you’re getting married avoid making a video document that you may never watch. Craft something lifelong and wonderful just like your married will be.

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Post Under Advice, Video, virtual worlds April 26, 2008

That Tingling Feeling

Recently a friend sent me this ad for a motion graphics artist:

We require artists to have strong design sense in term of graphic design and motion, be able to work as a team, have a good working attitude. Technique/skills required: Adobe AE, Photoshop, Illustrator, and 3D studio max (these are all compulsary).

Salary: talk later.

Working hour: mondays to fridays, 10 to 7.

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Post Under Advice, Business February 19, 2008
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