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Measuring Outcomes Not Outputs


Just imagine that you’re running a business and that instead of tracking sales & revenue you only measured how many units you shipped to your vendors. Samsung was recently ridiculed for announcing that they had shipped one million Galaxy Tabs but sold only twenty thousand. The shipped figure is meaningless unless it results in equivalent sales. However public relations companies do this every day for their clients by measuring only outputs not the outcomes.

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Social Media October 10, 2011

Marketing 102

Here’s how to market a product so that you can charge money for the exact same product that someone else is giving away fro free.

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Post Under Marketing, Video April 27, 2009

PS Home Money Giveaway


Starting tomorrow (15th January, 2009) Sony Asia are offering PlayStation Home users in Hong Kong and Singapore the chance to win a $HK10 PSN wallet top up. All users have to do is track down the mysterious avatars, shown in the posters inworld, and say ‘Hello’ to him or her.

The competition runs until the 22nd January, 2009 and funds are expected to be transferred to PSN accounts by 6th February.

For more information check out the latest news or see the relevant instructions inworld

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Post Under virtual worlds January 14, 2009

Crediting Reuters

No credit here

While we’re on the topic of virtual worlds, Evan Reuters (nee Maloney) tells a sorry tale of poor customer service from Linden Lab.

Very sad and entirely lacking in professionalism. I wonder what Linden would do if the reverse happened. Probably call in the police.

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Post Under virtual worlds December 3, 2008


All prices to be converted to Euro beginning March 31st,2008.

Due to the fluctuating US dollar, Skribe Productions will begin charging for all services in Euros effective Monday, 31st March, 2008. Prices will be set based roughly upon the exchange rate as it was at the beginning of 2008. ie. At a minimum of seventy (70) Euro cents to one United States dollar. In the event that the US dollar is higher than 70 Euro cents on the date of the switch that amount instead will become the exchange rate,

Contracts signed before March 31st for work to be completed in April and beyond will charged in US dollars.

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Post Under skribe productions March 17, 2008
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