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I is Famous

Blink and you’ll miss the tweet sent to me. BTW Microsoft, send me a copy of ultimate please. Just cos you’re nice like that =).

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video October 23, 2009

World Builder

Microsoft’s Future Vision has nothing on this. Great stuff.

[Hat Tip: The Inquisitor]

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds March 5, 2009

Future Vision

While critics will undoubtedly draw correlations between this video and Minority Report it does look quite compelling. However I feel that it reflects too much ‘old media’ thinking. Future technology will offer more social interaction and it would have been nice to see this reflected better in the video.

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Post Under Video March 2, 2009

Crisis Sounds So Cool

It’s always good to know that during this time of economic hardship there is something to smile about. Especially for Douglas Adams fans.

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Post Under Video March 2, 2009

Microsoft to use Playstation Home

In a strange twist it seems that Microsoft is amongst a range of companies that plan to test Playstation Home for virtual business meetings. Other companies involved in the test include Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch. I wonder how this test will affect Microsoft’s own virtual world project.

Further details.

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Post Under Business, virtual worlds January 1, 2009
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