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Machinima – Second Childhood Network

Choosing to use a child avatar in Second Life can be risky. Many people believe that you’re automatically involved in illegal (virtual) sexual activities. You don’t even need to be a child avatar per se either. A friend of mine’s avatar is the same height as her RL self (1.7metres) but because everyone in SL are giant supermodels she looks like a kid. I don’t know if the Second Childhood Network is just a front for illegal activities or not – I hope not – but I love the concept and they’ve made a very cool machinima commercial.

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Post Under Marketing, Video, virtual worlds April 6, 2009

Get Your Degree in Second Life

Manchester Metropolitan University have announced that they are planning to deliver an entire module of their Film and Media course through Second Life. I wonder if they need a machinima lecturer =).

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds March 31, 2009

Extreme Sheep LED Art

This is a great viral video. Nearly 3million hits in 10 days on YouTube. What a way to make sheep herding popular.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video March 25, 2009

SL Painter Pierrot Beck

Back when we had some free time my wife, Nocifer Janus, and I used to wander around Second Life visiting all the art galleries we could find simply because there are some amazing artists in Second Life. Well here’s one that does house calls – kinda. Great stuff.

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Post Under art, Video, virtual worlds March 24, 2009

The Marcel Marceau Method for Viral Videos

This video is quite old (from 2001) but it demonstrates wonderfully how to produce something viral by being offbeat and arty. It also has great marketing potential.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video May 2, 2008
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