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[Infographic] How Likeable is Each Angry Bird?

I disagree. I actually like the boomerang bird. It takes skill to use. And I love the giant red/brown bird. Red bird not so much. What about you? What’s your favourite?

Hat tip: Mashable

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Post Under Gaming February 26, 2011

[Infographic] How Videos Go Viral

Some great information here about how to get lots of eyeballs watching your video. Just remember, there is no formula for guaranteed success but there ways you can improve your chances

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video January 27, 2011

15% of Americans Answer the Phone During Sex

Here’s a great little infographic, made by Wilson Electronics (via mashable), showing off how we use our mobile phones. Not only do a substantial number of Americans answer the phone during sex, but 6% feel it’s okay to text during sex. We’re always keeping it high-brow here at skribe.

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Post Under Misc, Social Media December 5, 2010
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