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[Video] Taxi!

This video is an analytical model based on the GPS data from ten thousand taxi trips over the course of 24 hours. Using the Google Maps API the creators, Tom McKeogh, Eliza Montgomery and Juan F Saldarriaga, were able to create a pretty awesome visulisation based on the taxi traffic as it moved around Manhattan.

Fun stuff.

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Post Under art, Tech February 17, 2012

Augmented Reality Map and Star Charts

This sort of technology is not only awesome it’s based on Open Source software. Definitely full of WIN.

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Post Under CheckingOut, Video October 13, 2009

CheckingOut… Google Latitude


Following in the footsteps of Nokia Friendview, Google has decided to delve into the world of location-based mobile social networking. Google Latitude is a free addon service to Google Maps Mobile that allows users to add friends and share current location and status updates with them. Of course this requires that the user have a GPS enabled mobile phone.

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Post Under CheckingOut, Social Media February 4, 2009
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