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The Problems with Delivering Real Goods from a Virtual World


I spent another great session at the VIO seminar in Second Life on Monday morning (my time). Xander Newman covered how to deal with real life businesses that are using Second Life for vCommerce. All great stuff and it, deservedly, drew an awesome crowd. However, at the usual after-seminar discussion someone mentioned that they wished they could buy pizza using Second Life. Buying real life goods from a virtual world is not a new thing. Both Dell and American Apparel tried it in Second Life back in 2006. By all accounts both were dismal failures. Likewise delivering pizza (or any other real life product) faces some monumental hurdles to make the experience both worthwhile for the retailer and a valuable alternative to the comsumer.

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Post Under Advice, Business, virtual worlds January 28, 2009

The Marcel Marceau Method for Viral Videos

This video is quite old (from 2001) but it demonstrates wonderfully how to produce something viral by being offbeat and arty. It also has great marketing potential.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video May 2, 2008
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