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[Infographic] Romance on the Go

Romance Survey

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Just in time for Valentines Day, have released an interesting infographic based on a survey to identify what people considered to be their ideal romantic weekend. What I found particularly intriguing is that exploring a new city was so popular amongst the 18-29 age range, whereas spending a night in hotel scored so low in the same age range. For the Millenials it’s romance-is-on-the-go.

What’s your perfect romantic weekend?

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Post Under Misc February 13, 2012

A Social Media Strategy for Hotels

A Social Media Strategy for Hotels

The hotel industry, like much of the service industries, are very dependent on knowing just what the consumer wants, hopefully before the customer knows it themselves. With wafer thin margins, increasing competition and constantly rising costs hotels need every advantage they can get to win customers and keep them.

Here are three social media tips for improving your guest’s stay and getting them to spread the word about your excellent level of service.
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Post Under Advice, Social Media January 23, 2012

[Infographic] The Social Travel Revolution

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Tripl has produced a very powerful infographic demonstrating just how important social media and sharing is to the travel industry. There are still a lot of operators that aren’t utilising this powerful marketing and cultural toolkit. That means they missing out on many opportunities to broaden their client base and improve their repeat business chances. Using outdated techniques and tools not only limits these opportunities but it also reduces the levels of service you can offer your customers. And in the travel industry good service is everything.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media December 9, 2011
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