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Freebie Shopping In Second Life: A How-To Guide

Anyone who’s ever ‘bought’ a box of freebies knows to expect six types of crud. And yet, it is actually possible to get serious freebie gear if you know how.

  1. Don’t waste time in freebie warehouses. Do invest some time in checking out the big shops and the quality malls.
  2. Some shops have freebie offers specifically for newbies. If your avatar is fresh enough (30 days or younger, for example), you could pick up some great starter hair and clothes (and even skins!)
  3. Many clothing and hair shops have discounted and even free wares on offer. Last season’s hair or prim skirt may not feature the latest scripted gimmick or texture trickery, but remember that in the virtual world, last season was only a week ago.
  4. Some shops have group offers. Members may be offered anything from discounts to limited editions to free items to store credit.
  5. Some shops also do freebies or special offers which are only available in their main store, or in
    a specialty sim. Be sure to check them all out.
  6. Be a girl. Sorry, chaps. Where girls can wear guy clothes and hair, it rarely works the other way. Some items, like male skins, are also particularly rare as a good freebies.
  7. And the best freebie tip of all: learn to make your gear and own your look.

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Post Under virtual worlds May 6, 2008

Checking Out… Laqroki (formerly Rac)

Laqroki for hair!

Rac had a nice looking sim before, but the new improved model is sleek and open and rezzes faster. And so shiny! You feel like you have arrived at the Grand Central of Skin and Hair City, and that’s no accident of design.

Laqroki is so new that you can almost smell the plastic wrapping, but even with the empty departments, there’s still such a lot to demo and try out.

I’m still deciding on a skin, but in the meantime, I’m very happy with Best Bargain Find of the Week: 10L hair (and it comes in 15 colours!)

Check out Laqroki now!

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Post Under CheckingOut, Marketing, virtual worlds April 27, 2008
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