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What Are Your Google+ Circles Saying About You?


Have you ever wanted to visualise your Google Plus relationships? Well now you can with the Circles of Trust.

Green means that you are mutually circled, yellow means that you have circled them but they didn’t and red means they circled you but you didn’t. It’s a fascinating use of the Google+ API and an intriguing way to see an overview of your social network.

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Post Under art, Social Media October 12, 2011

With The New Google Phone You Can Fly

If the video of Goggle’s new Nexus S is anything to go by it will allow you to fly and possibly change genders. More great innovation from Google.

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Post Under Marketing, Video December 7, 2010

How to Promote Your Product 103

Here’s a great way to promote your product. Speed test it against the forces of nature…oh, and a potato.

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Post Under Marketing, Video May 6, 2010

The Importance of Metrics


Recently I was asked to do some consulting for a company. They were developing a strategy for their online presence and wanted some assistance. The strategy involved a lot of social media and made some fairly bold claims about the returns on their investment. Upon seeing this, the first question I asked was where was the research to back these claims. There was none, and worse there was no budget to do any market research. Fortunately they had a year’s worth of web metrics that I was able to analyse and offer some practical solutions.

Metrics are often under-utilised as a market research tool, whether it be the number of hits on a website or which demographic is watching a video. Careful analysis of your metrics can yield a wealth of information that you can then use to help develop your digital strategies. Here are three:
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Post Under Business, Marketing, Social Media April 21, 2010

3 Ways of Thinking Outside the Online Video Commercial


The traditional view of how to advertise on television (and subsequently through online video ) is the mini-story. Usually these are short pieces dealing with one subject in a superficial but psychologically attractive way. Sure, the story may have a dominating, but catchy, jingle and the narrative may be non-existent – but essentially that is what a commercial is to most people. However, online video offers some interesting alternatives that not only move away from this traditional mini-story concept but also allow you to build a dynamic and engaging community.

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Post Under Advice, Social Media, Video April 19, 2010
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