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[Video] Disney’s Air Haptics

Here’s a video showing some pretty amazing technology: simple but effective. Personally,I’m not looking forward to this stuff entering the world of first-person shooters. I already duck and weave when I play them, which amuses the kids no end =).

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Post Under Tech, Video July 25, 2013

[Video] This is how you get out, Daddy

Mr 5 has been saying, This is how you get out, Daddy, over and over again for the past few weeks. Nobody could work out why he was saying it and when I’d ask him what he meant he’d just shrug and give me his You-are-an-idiot-dad smile. Eventually, my neurons clicked into gear and I worked it out.

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Post Under Video May 15, 2011

[Video] 3D sound from ordinary laptop speakers

This is very impressive. I watched this on my laptop and in the teleconferencing scene I was able to identify each of the speakers as easily as the test subject. Just think of the possibilities for virtual worlds or gaming. Most first-person shooter (FPS) gamers play with headphones because they need to know if someone is sneaking up on them from behind. There’s actually a whole range of surround-sound headphones aimed specifically at FPS gamers. This technology could revolutionise the entire industry.

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Post Under Audio, Gaming, virtual worlds April 23, 2011

Mass Defect Too: Teaser

Here’s a bit of fun. It’s a teaser scene from a parody of Mass Effect 2 we’re currently making. Enjoy.

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Post Under Gaming, Video March 17, 2010
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