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[Video] Future Hipsters

We enter the weekend with this charming little video set in 2062. How will you remember digital media and social networking in fifty years time? Will you remember anything in 50 years? =) Tell us what your highlights are from now and what you feel the world of 2062 will be like.

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Post Under Social Media, Video February 24, 2012

[Video] Creating Chaos for the PM

Yesterday I posted a link to this excellent interactive site. Unfortunately, some people were unable to get it to work and so I have now created a video demonstrating the site. It’s a very clever piece of web advertising.

BTW Julia, you can all the Federal Police off. It’s just a bit of fun =)

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video February 18, 2012

[Video] The Christmas Card

Here’s some fun to end the week. This is reputed to have been made by Terry Gilliam in 1968 for a special Christmas Day show, Do Not Adjust Your Stocking. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find a source (that isn’t self-referential) but in any case the video is darkly funny. There’s also this quote allegedly made by Gilliam about how he conceived the idea:

I went down to the Tate [Gallery] and they’ve got a huge collection of Victorian Christmas cards so I went through the collection and photocopied things and started moving them around. So the style just developed out of that rather than any planning being involved. I never analysed the stuff, I just did it the quickest, easiest way. And I could use images I really loved.

I hope it’s true.

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Post Under Video December 23, 2011

[Video] Teddy the Talking Porcupine

Something fun to end the week.

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Post Under Misc, Video December 16, 2011

[Video] Viral Video Story

Some weekend fun.

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Post Under art, Video October 22, 2011
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