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Free Access to Pay Websites


WA Business News, which is a dead-tree and online newspaper aimed at the Western Australian business sector, is offering an 8 week trial subscription. This is a very common marketing technique and can be quite an effective for increasing circulation (currently approx 11,000). However, I have to wonder. Why would you pay for it when you can access the online version for free?

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Post Under Advice, Marketing February 27, 2009

Free Movie Music

Moby is offering some of his music to student and independent film-makers for free just as long as it’s not-for-profit. Even for commercial work you can apply for – what he calls – an easy licence with any money generated going to the humane society. While I haven’t tried to obtain a licence yet the music is absolutely awesome – as you can usually expect from Moby. Check it out at Moby Gratis.

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Post Under Audio November 11, 2007
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