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[Video] Cinema of the Air

Here’s a really great video demonstration of how the latest technology is changing cinema. Most of these shots would not be possible five or ten years ago and the ones that were possible would have been prohibitively expensive. While I expect this rig is not cheap, the use of the latest tools and digital cinema allows the camera to go to the places and to show events like nothing before. And that has got to be great for storytelling possibilities.

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Post Under art, Tech, Video November 2, 2012

The Bear

The Bear

Today was the first day of production for our short comedic film based on Chekhov’s The Bear. Written and directed by David Meadows. Produced by Antonio Barimen. Starring Adam T. Perkins, Summer Williams and Kym Bidstrup.

Check out the production photos on Facebook.

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Post Under art, skribe productions July 2, 2012

[Video] Imaginary Worlds

After busy Lunar New Year, Republic Day (India) and Australia Day celebrations here’s a chance to unwind and relax. The video above is from the Imaginary Worlds Festival. It features a collection of animated film shorts telling stories set in weird and wonderful universes. Some of the films are a little weird and some are downright crazy, but they are all wonderful. Enjoy.

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Post Under art, Video January 27, 2012

[Video] Skwerl – Short Film in Fake English

Have you ever wanted to know what English sounds like to a non-English speaker? It might sound something like this short film. Brian Fairbairn has directed a wonderful snapshot with a truly unique twist. Beautifully acted by, co-writer and editor, Karl Eccleston and Fiona Pepper.

Warning: It does contain some NSFW language.

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Post Under art, Video October 14, 2011

Cryengine 3 Showcase

Wow! Just…wow. Machinima: the future of film-making

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds March 9, 2011
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