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Writing Credits

There was once a time, not so long ago, when the best thing about some movies was often the opening credits. Whether they were fun animated sequences, like in The Pink Panther or Catch Me If You Can, or the long, slow opening outer-space scenes from Alien and The Fifth Element. They always felt an integral and necessary part of the movie. However, recently the tendency is to move away from these elaborate introductions. In fact on many contemporary movies the traditional opening credits have been moved to the end and there are few or no opening credits at all. This is all part of a deepening trend in movie-making and Facebook is to blame.

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Post Under Advice, Video October 24, 2012

Colour Grading 101

This is a brilliant example of the level of detail required in post-production. Cinematography no longer just happens in the camera but is now part of the pain-staking post process. Awesome!

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Post Under art, Video July 11, 2012

Corporate Piggybacking Ideas for Film-makers

Telstra have hit upon a brilliant marketing strategy for expanding upon their current Bigpond ‘Rabbit’ campaign. You know the one, where the kid asks about the Great Wall of China and his dad tells him that it’s to keep the rabbits out. Well, word has leaked that Telstra are considering making a film featuring those characters. The basic plot is that the kid searches the Internet – Bigpond, no doubt – for a wife for his dad. It’s corny. It’s cliched. It may just work. And even if it doesn’t then Telstra may not be too much out of pocket if they get the Australian federal and state government film funding bodies to pay for it.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing October 16, 2008

Why I Work in Second Life

Recently a few people have been wondering why I made the shift from doing real world video production and take the incredible risk to move into making machinima, mainly in Second Life. Well here’s something I wrote 3 years ago that is kinda indicative of what real world video production had become for me:

You know you’ve made the right decision to turn down a job directing a commercial when:

  1. It’s exactly the same people that screwed up last year’s attrocity.
  2. One of the producer’s ideas for Harmony Week is a scene involving a burning flag.
  3. The 1st AD doesn’t know what a call sheet is.
  4. The DoP doesn’t think they need a call sheet on a project that is shot over three days using seven locations and a cast and crew of ten.
  5. None of the actors have done any acting before.
  6. The script involves a sparking electrical cable.
  7. The power company doesn’t want to be involved.
  8. One of the actors pulls out six hours before principal photography is due to start due to a religious belief.
  9. The grip has pulled out, because he hasn’t been paid by the producer for a past production, and hasn’t told anyone on the production team.
  10. The commercial was designed by committee.

The choice was actually kinda easy.

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Post Under skribe productions February 3, 2008

His Masters Voice

Probably the most problematic issue when making movies in Second Life is coordinating the troops. With the User Interface (UI) turned off – a necessity when doing a capture – it is easy to miss messages from cast or crew. One of the ways around that is using Skype thereby removing the need for Second Life’s chat/IM interface. But not everyone uses Skype and so sometimes it is necessary to coordinate everyone using an assistant director, who is hooked up to the director through Skype and then relays the instructions via chat/IM. This can be exceedingly slow and arduous, and on complicated shoots it becomes hellish. Fortunately a solution to remove many of these issues is about to reach fruition: Voice in Second Life.

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Post Under virtual worlds May 19, 2007
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