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Social Media is a SCAM


Social Media still has a dubious reputation in parts of the business world. Many people believe that its claims are bogus and that its evangelists, people like me, are charlatans. They essentially believe that the whole thing is a scam. Especially those that advocate the use of social media for marketing.

Well, let me tell you not only is social media marketing a scam the very best social media marketing incorporates all the elements of SCAM. To do otherwise is just being unnecessarily risky with your money: Read More

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Social Media April 23, 2010

When Social Media Gets Ugly


Oscar Wilde once observed, The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.

And he was right. Good publicity is great, but bad publicity is a PR opportunity. When things go pear-shaped in social media, they splat so hard and so fast it doesn’t seem possible to wash the stink off. With the right approach and strategies in place, however, you can turn a PR crisis around.

Let’s look at a recent example. Read More

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Post Under Advice, Business, Social Media April 16, 2010

Online Video: State of the Industry


Online video is booming.According to Comscore, January 2010 saw US viewers watching a staggering 32.4 billion videos online which is a 50% increase over January 2009. That’s 173 million users watching an average of 93 videos per month. France saw a 141% growth in total online videos viewed during the period of September 2008 until the same period in 2009. Similarly, Germany saw an increase in unique viewers of 38% during the period of Aug08-Aug09. This suggests a massive increase in the acceptance and use of online video as a means of entertainment and to receive information. All of which bodes well for those seeking to utilise this burgeoning market but there are a few issues that may be concerning.

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Post Under Marketing, Video March 16, 2010

A Social Media Strategy for Restaurants


The financial crisis is likely to hit the fine dining industry very hard. Already there have been reports of exclusive London restaurants slashing their prices in order to maintain a steady flow of clientele and therefore subsequent cashflow. Competing on price, however, is never a wise, or usually profitable, strategy, so dining establishments need to look for alternate ways to bring in the customers. One easy way is to develop a social media strategy to connect with your customers and create a community of regular diners.

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Post Under Advice, CheckingOut, Marketing, Social Media February 17, 2009
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