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[Infographic] 2011: You Are What You Tweet

2011 You Are What You Tweet

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The folks at Frugal Dad have compiled a great summary of what we talked about on Twitter last year. In many ways this is the collective consciousness of the social internet. A realtime snapshot of what was important to us in 2011. Some may not find it flattering. Others might find it surprising. But this is us. A collective us. It’s important that we accept that.

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Post Under Social Media January 28, 2012

[Video] Wikipedia Edits During the Arab Spring

Here’s a dynamic visualisation of the Wikipedia edits during the Middle-East protests (December 1st to February 20th, 2011). The edits are color-coded by type, with the orange-red lines indicating changes that added to a page whereas the purple lines indicate changes that removed text from a page.

Further information at: Visual Complexity.

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Post Under Social Media, Video October 20, 2011
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