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Not So SMRT: A Case Study of Communications Failure

Not So SMRT: A Case Study of Communications Failure

Anyone that has even a vague acquaintance in Singapore knows that this week has been filled with monumental difficulties for the tiny island city state: the trains stopped working. Now this might be at most an inconvenience in most other cities around the world, but in Singapore this is a national disaster. In a country where people complain vehemently if a train is even 1 minute late, the thought of their pride and joy – the best public transport system in the world – not working because of faults along three of the four lines was an unprecedented humiliation.

The crisis was made worse because in this technology -obsessed nation many people turned to their social networks to complain and rant. Unfortunately SMRT Corporation, one of the companies that administer the train service, wasn’t actively involved in any of the major platforms during the crisis: they were caught asleep at the wheel and by the time they woke up their entire PR and communications strategy had run off the rails. So, what did they do wrong and what can you learn from their mistakes?
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When Social Media Gets Ugly


Oscar Wilde once observed, The only thing worse than being talked about, is not being talked about.

And he was right. Good publicity is great, but bad publicity is a PR opportunity. When things go pear-shaped in social media, they splat so hard and so fast it doesn’t seem possible to wash the stink off. With the right approach and strategies in place, however, you can turn a PR crisis around.

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