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The Digital Media Social Marketing Survey

The Digital Media Social Marketing Survey

As part of the beta test for Perth-based startup, Floq, I’ve created the Digital Media Social Marketing Survey. I am hoping that the information will provide me with a better understanding of a whole range of businesses in different industries.

The survey should take only 5 minutes or so to complete.

All information will remain confidential.

As Floq is still in beta please contact me if you encounter any problems.

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Post Under Social Media February 29, 2012

[Video] Future Hipsters

We enter the weekend with this charming little video set in 2062. How will you remember digital media and social networking in fifty years time? Will you remember anything in 50 years? =) Tell us what your highlights are from now and what you feel the world of 2062 will be like.

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Post Under Social Media, Video February 24, 2012

Extreme Sheep LED Art

This is a great viral video. Nearly 3million hits in 10 days on YouTube. What a way to make sheep herding popular.

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video March 25, 2009
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