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Cryengine 3 Showcase

Wow! Just…wow. Machinima: the future of film-making

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds March 9, 2011

How to make a winning commercial cheaply

One of the things marketers often forget is that old chestnut of showing and not telling. As consumers we have to see the evidence about why Product A is so good. We’re a cynical bunch, us consumers, but who can blame us? It is after all our hard-earned money that the marketers are trying to steal…to spend as we will. That’s why washing powder and cleaner ads are so formulaic. Who’s going to believe SuperBangWhizCleano is going to remove soap scum twice as fast as the other brands, unless we see a demonstration? Even if it’s just a simulation.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video April 29, 2008
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