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[Video] More Future Concepts by Corning

In April 2011 we featured a video made by Corning demonstrating the future of glass technologies. Well they’ve produced another. This is the expanded version and a very good example of how augmented reality will soon become an integral part of our lives. Exciting stuff.

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Post Under Tech, Video, virtual worlds February 4, 2012

[Video] Future Concept by Corning

I really love the concepts in this video. I suspect we’ll see a lot of them within 5-10 years. Certainly I expect the core ideas to feature prominently in by sons’ lives. However although this video is a great advertising platform by Corning, telling us that they are a forward-thinking and progressive company, I’m wondering whether they will be the ones that bring these technologies to us.

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Post Under Marketing, Video, virtual worlds April 16, 2011
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