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[Video] How to Kill Social Media

The title may sound sensationalist but it really isn’t. It’s a genuine threat, not just now but into our innovative future. Your business is at risk. Even suspected use of copyrighted material without a legitimate licence can close down your entire online presence. You have all the licences for the clipart your designer used in your website, right? Not sure? The watch the video. Get involved. Stop this threat before it is too late.

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Post Under Business, Social Media, Tech December 18, 2011

OpenSim: Content Creators Dilemma?

This video purports to show a Second Life object duplicator capable of allowing users to transfer objects to alternative worlds, like OpenSim. Now it’s really irrelevant whether this thing works or not, because the mere thought of such a device is going to be enough to send content creators into a frenzy.

You see the problem isn’t that you may wish to transfer objects you have bought into OpenSim. It’s what permissions they have when they get there. Do they retain the same ones as they had in Second Life or is the user perfectly free to do what they like with it now? Because if they can copy-mod-tran in OpenSim then what’s stopping them from reimporting the object back into Second Life? Instant full perms copy. Who would want to be a content creator when you can have your intellectual property rights so easily undermined?

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Post Under Video, virtual worlds December 18, 2008
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