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The Bear

The Bear

Today was the first day of production for our short comedic film based on Chekhov’s The Bear. Written and directed by David Meadows. Produced by Antonio Barimen. Starring Adam T. Perkins, Summer Williams and Kym Bidstrup.

Check out the production photos on Facebook.

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Post Under art, skribe productions July 2, 2012

Mass Defect Too: Teaser

Here’s a bit of fun. It’s a teaser scene from a parody of Mass Effect 2 we’re currently making. Enjoy.

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Post Under Gaming, Video March 17, 2010

These are not the girls you’re looking for

If Lucas was going to crap on the Star Wars legacy why couldn’t he have done something fun like this? It’s probably better to click through and watch the video in full HD.

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Post Under Video April 9, 2009

What is Twitter…again

A very comical look at the twitter phenomenon. BTW, yes I do have friends. Or so they tell me – via twitter =)

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Post Under Social Media, Video March 27, 2009
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