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[Video] Behind the Scenes: FIAT Body Paint

The ad is very clever, but what I particularly love is the fact that the effect wasn’t achieved in post-production. It’s all old-school and that makes it very special in this predominantly Photoshopped world.

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Post Under Marketing, Video July 11, 2013

Corporate Piggybacking Ideas for Film-makers

Telstra have hit upon a brilliant marketing strategy for expanding upon their current Bigpond ‘Rabbit’ campaign. You know the one, where the kid asks about the Great Wall of China and his dad tells him that it’s to keep the rabbits out. Well, word has leaked that Telstra are considering making a film featuring those characters. The basic plot is that the kid searches the Internet – Bigpond, no doubt – for a wife for his dad. It’s corny. It’s cliched. It may just work. And even if it doesn’t then Telstra may not be too much out of pocket if they get the Australian federal and state government film funding bodies to pay for it.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing October 16, 2008
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