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Amazon Australia Opens

Amazon-au has finally opened their Australian online site. The store claims to stock over two million titles including Australian best sellers and new releases. With the Australian store’s prices slightly higher than the US store – even considering the currency exchange rate (my books are anyway), will Australians embrace the new offering or will they continue using the US store?

Update: The prices vary significantly. Some are slightly lower (within currency fluctuation margin of error) whereas others are up to 25% higher in the Australian store. Shop around.

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Post Under Books, Social Media, Tech November 13, 2013

[Video] Creating Chaos for the PM

Yesterday I posted a link to this excellent interactive site. Unfortunately, some people were unable to get it to work and so I have now created a video demonstrating the site. It’s a very clever piece of web advertising.

BTW Julia, you can all the Federal Police off. It’s just a bit of fun =)

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Post Under Marketing, Social Media, Video February 18, 2012

The Ad Song

Australian commercial mashup.

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Post Under Video November 14, 2008

Make Those Bodies Sing A Narrative

Fourteen years ago The Australian Banana Growers introduced a commercial that captured the essence of what it meant to be a happy and healthy child in Australia. It featured children running, playing, swimming intercut with various shots of bananas. The message: Bananas are good for your children so feed them lots.

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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video October 31, 2008

Seven is about seven years too late

The Seven Media Group, who control the Seven television network in Australia, recently announced a partnership with TIVO to introduce digital video recorders into the Australian market. Those in the US and Canada will know about TIVO, the company having been offering digital television recording since the late 90s.
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Post Under Advice June 25, 2008
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