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SL Painter Pierrot Beck

Back when we had some free time my wife, Nocifer Janus, and I used to wander around Second Life visiting all the art galleries we could find simply because there are some amazing artists in Second Life. Well here’s one that does house calls – kinda. Great stuff.

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Post Under art, Video, virtual worlds March 24, 2009

The Marcel Marceau Method for Viral Videos

This video is quite old (from 2001) but it demonstrates wonderfully how to produce something viral by being offbeat and arty. It also has great marketing potential.
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Post Under Advice, Marketing, Video May 2, 2008

Checking Out… Virtual Starry Night


A year ago, Robbie Dingo posted an extraordinary clip called “Watch the World(s)”, in which he recreated Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night as a 3-dimensional landscape in Second Life. Alas, nothing remains of that wonderful build but the video.

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Post Under art, CheckingOut, Marketing April 28, 2008

The Sun Never Sets

A friend of mine asked me to make her some video art for her Secondlife gallery. I’ve been wanting to do some Secondlife machinima drama because frankly I’ve never ever seen it done before. There are loads of comedies, road films, documentaries and the like but never any drama.So I thought it was high time that I did one. Two birds, one stone sort of thing.

So we’ve done a drama, but in keeping with the artistic requirements of our friend we’ve made is quite avant-garde and while it is drama it it

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Post Under art, skribe productions, Video July 5, 2007
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