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First Impressions

Is the old adage that first impressions count still valid when doing business in virtual worlds? You better believe it. Just because you can have movie star looks and a 15000 item wardrobe doesn’t mean you can shirk on the basics. I remember reading about a programmer that was attending a job interview in Second Life. He showed up in a t-shirt and jeans and he was told, by the secretary, to go away and change into a suit. He did and he got the job. Would you?
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Post Under Advice, Business March 13, 2008

A Matter of Trust

Recently we had a potential client come to us through an unusual source. While it’s nice to be able to expand our client base the source of it created a potential problem: trust.

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Post Under Advice, Business November 8, 2007

Aspects of business


One of the big differences I’ve noticed between real life and Second Life is that people doing business tend to be more relaxed. This has both good and bad aspects. On the one hand there’s much less pressure. For example, nobody gets upset if you make a joke. Even a bad one. I’ve had real world clients that look like they haven’t laughed since Kennedy was president.

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Post Under Business, virtual worlds May 11, 2007
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