Virtual Economy Integration

You may be surprised to know that while the real world economy is in the doldrums the virtual economy is booming. That’s because more and more business people are realising the benefits of going virtual.


Virtual Exhibitions

Attending – and staging – a real world exhibition can be an expensive proposition, especially if it’s on the other side of the world. Online exhibitions, virtual trade shows and virtual conferences offer a low cost alternative. Business of all-sizes including large companies like IBM, Cisco, FedEx and FujiFilm are taking advantage of this clean, green alternative. No more flight hassles. No more enormous carbon footprint. You can create new and more targeted leads, network with new contacts and extract new revenue sources all from the comfort of your own office – or even your own home. That’s got to be good for the environment as well as the bank account.

Virtual Exhibitions come in a variety of flavours from 2d right up to immersive 3d virtual spaces that include virtual display stands, promotional merchandise and point of sale displays. You can even have virtual gifts, banners and badges.


Hold seminars, meetings, break-outs and even social gatherings in an online exhibition just like you do in a real life one. Collaborate in virtual space even better than you can in real space. Use online tools to create and design virtual booths, upload and tailor content to your desired audience.

Virtual trade shows, online exhibitions and virtual conferences allow you to promote to an international audience while remaining locally focused. Going virtual can not only save you money over real world alternatives but it can open up entirely new revenue streams.

I have over 20 years virtual world experience. Let me guide you and your staff so you can make the most of this new opportunity. Contact me for a tour into the metaverse.