[Video] Behind the Scenes: FIAT Body Paint

The ad is very clever, but what I particularly love is the fact that the effect wasn’t achieved in post-production. It’s all old-school and that makes it very special in this predominantly Photoshopped world.

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Posted Under: Marketing, Video July 11, 2013

Gaming Your Bad Habits Away


If you’re having difficulty breaking out of those bad habits like not exercising, eating the wrong foods, smoking or watching too much Game of Thrones, then why not try turning your life into a roleplaying game? HabitRPG allows you to establish a character – which is you. You then assign goals and and by achieving them, you not only your specified rewards (like being allowed to watch GoT) you also get to level up and receive treasure within the game. Failing to achieve your goals or falling back into bad habits results in you losing health. It’s a lot like Nethack or Rogue.

It’s a great idea and a potentially useful tools for die-hard gamers that are having difficulty remembering to eat, exercise and sometimes even bathing (you know who you are =). It’s just another way you can improve your life through using gamification to assist in your motivations.

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Posted Under: Gaming, Social Media July 5, 2013

[Video] The Future is Creepy

If you’re a virile, young male (or an old fart, like me) you’re probably quite keen to see this vision of augmented reality implemented as soon as possible. The prospect of having all that data immediately available is intoxicating. I suspect, it will be very much like having a smart phone now, always connected socially with information at your fingertips. However, I have to say that a future where you can look at someone and immediately bring up their social network profile is kind of creepy. Is that where we’re headed with this technology?

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Posted Under: Tech, Video July 4, 2013

[Video] Size Does Matter

Here’s a really clever commercial by Samsung demonstrating a wonderful aspect of human psychology: that preconceptions about a product heavily influence our concepts of quality.

What is particularly interesting is that they change over time. Years ago, using a handycam to do a professional video was considered a sign of an amateur – even if the quality was comparable to a ‘pro-camera’. Now that’s what most of the pros use themselves, or they use tablets and phone cameras. It would be interesting to see this demonstration done in ten years time and see how people’s attitudes have changed.

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Posted Under: Marketing, Video July 2, 2013

[Video] Cinema of the Air

Here’s a really great video demonstration of how the latest technology is changing cinema. Most of these shots would not be possible five or ten years ago and the ones that were possible would have been prohibitively expensive. While I expect this rig is not cheap, the use of the latest tools and digital cinema allows the camera to go to the places and to show events like nothing before. And that has got to be great for storytelling possibilities.

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Posted Under: art, Tech, Video November 2, 2012