[Infographic] Steam Summer Sale

Steam Sale - Click to see full infographic

Some very interesting information about the most recent sale on Steam. The sales demonstrate some very innovative uses of social media by allowing Steams customers to choose which games will go on sale. Steam has a very active community and so this allows them to receive excellent feedback about what their uses like and don’t like which still maintaining a considerable revenue stream.

Did you buy any games? Tell us which ones in the comments.

Click for full infographic

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Posted Under: Gaming, Marketing, Social Media July 26, 2013

[Video] Disney’s Air Haptics

Here’s a video showing some pretty amazing technology: simple but effective. Personally,I’m not looking forward to this stuff entering the world of first-person shooters. I already duck and weave when I play them, which amuses the kids no end =).

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Posted Under: Tech, Video July 25, 2013

[Infographic] Social Battle of the Sexes

Social Battle of the Sexes - click to see full infographic

There’s some very interesting data compiled in this infographic. What is fascinating is how much Facebook dominates. The question everyone wants to know is will it continue? I expect over the forthcoming year we’ll see an increase in the use of Twitter and possibly Google Plus as well.

Click to see the full graphic.

What’s your favourite social network?

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Posted Under: Social Media July 18, 2013

[Video] Is Beautiful Storytelling Enough?

This commercial is a beautiful use of narrative to draw the viewers in. The stories are personal and unusual. The build-up is spine-tingling. They’re compelling. You need to know what happens, which is indicative of quality storytelling. It’s almost textbook. However, I have to ask, does it work as an ad?

What do you think?

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Posted Under: Marketing, Video July 17, 2013

[Infographic] Top 5 Abandoned Reads

Top 5 Abandoned Reads (Click to see the full Infographic)

Goodreads have published a great infographic detailing the top 5 books that their readers have abandoned. What I find particularly interesting is the points at which people abandon books. It seems that if a reader gets past the first hundred pages of a novel most will finish it. Great stuff.

Click to see the full infographic.

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Posted Under: Books July 15, 2013