Antonio Barimen

aka skribe Forti aka skribe


I began working full-time in the film and television industry in 1993, although my work experience – both behind the camera and as a performer – stretches back to the early 1980s. I have written, produced and directed assorted films, commercials as well as a nationally broadcasted television series. I even have an IMDB listing. I’m also a pioneer in machinima, which is real-time animation.

My online experience dates from around 1983 with BBSs and online virtual environments, like MU* – the precursors to worlds like Second Life and World of Warcraft. In the early nineties I published a newszine named Skribe – hence my nom de plume – which I moved online in 1994. I wish I had access to social media tools back then. It would have made getting known and keeping people informed so much easier. Even so it was apparent that communities were the key to success and with Skribe I always endeavoured to create the most engaged group of participants that I could manage.

In 2004 I worked with the Western Australian Department of Industry and Resources to develop an online video distribution system. The project never got beyond the planning stages but it was obvious that online video was the ‘next big thing’. Of course, just a year later the phenomena of YouTube happened proving just how big a thing it was.
CBS Front Page - CSI:NY Murder By Zuiker
From 2007 I worked mainly in virtual worlds, like Second Life, offering social media solutions. I had a lot of great successes including project managing digital media and social marketing for clients like CSI: NY, that was featured on the CBS website front page, American Express and Evian.

In 2010 I was offered a position as digital lead for MSL Singapore. There I worked for clients like Procter and Gamble, Discovery Networks, and Pernod Ricard.

Unfortunately in May 2011 I was struck down with a lung disease, and I have only recently recovered from pleural empyema caused by pneumonia – which I don’t recommend =). I am now back in Perth and ready to assist you develop social marketing and digital media strategies; improving staff productivity, via improved communication and collaboration techniques, or just increasing the number of fans on Facebook.


My wife and I have been together since 1989. She has a wealth of experience in her own right and sometimes she guest posts here under the pseudonym Nocifer. We have two boys.