[Video] The Future is Creepy

If you’re a virile, young male (or an old fart, like me) you’re probably quite keen to see this vision of augmented reality implemented as soon as possible. The prospect of having all that data immediately available is intoxicating. I suspect, it will be very much like having a smart phone now, always connected socially with information at your fingertips. However, I have to say that a future where you can look at someone and immediately bring up their social network profile is kind of creepy. Is that where we’re headed with this technology?

This video is along the same lines. Is AR only really useful for socially insecure men or will everyone be using this technology soon to get laid? Will women (or gay men) have a boner alert popup? Will Google Glass come with a wetness index already implemented or will you have to install the spot the dot app? Sex is a powerful motivator for new technology. Some say, VHS won the war against Betammax because more porn was available on it.

But, how far is too far, or does this technology really just break down the barriers we naturally establish to protect ourselves? If that’s the case, why do all these concept videos show cads? Is the future dystopian, rife with invasions of privacy and what can be done to prevent it?

Some of these technologies are already available. The Pool playing assistant has already been featured on Stephen Fry’s Gadgets.

Of course, one trick to thwart the invasion of your privacy is to not post any personal information online, but how do you stop biometric information being scanned and analysed? Will countermeasures be the next thing we see implemented?

All I know is that I hope I never have to date again. it all sounds too hard.

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